Developing your business is just the beginning.

Our Team at Create Your Business have extensive knowledge and understanding of creating and growing businesses in Australia. From working as employees in our teen years for franchised fast food businesses and not really understanding what a franchise is, to managing franchises on behalf of franchisors, owning franchises and then creating people’s businesses and franchise networks. We have been integral in growing start-up businesses from an idea into a well-known brand, and scaling businesses into multi-location sites and developing franchise networks with national and international success.

Meet the team

A little bit about Jai

I've always loved business and being inspired by others' achievements. I’m encouraged by people’s success and wanted to share in that. I've always understood that a business exists to generate revenue and profit. Profit is frequently viewed as a taboo word, but I thrive on seeing people who have business ideas nurture and expand their concept into an empire that generates revenue and profits. I've spent the last ten years working with entrepreneurs to launch new businesses and franchises from scratch and grow them beyond what they thought they were capable of.
My skills as an administrative powerhouse mean I can quickly build a business roadmap to make sure you are on the right track from the jump. Starting a business doesn't have to be difficult; it can instead be easy, enjoyable, and most importantly, money-making right away! You can avoid making costly mistakes upfront by knowing that you have the experts on your side to navigate you through all the trial and error means you can skip costly mistakes early on.
I have been in business for 10+ years and done it all, from start-ups to owning and operating franchises, consulting to international companies, working with shareholders to navigate businesses through financial hardship, my experience is vast. I look forward to learning about your passions and goals and turning them into a reality.
Reece Arcon

A little bit about Reece

From a young age, I’ve has always been hungry to build better businesses. At 18 years old, I started my own business in car detailing which led me to launch one of the fastest growing franchises in Australia. I was the co-founder of Express Business Group; the International Franchise Company who changes lives and developed service businesses throughout the world. All entrepreneurs can do great things, but when you have persistent determination, a passion for doing the impossible and just the right amount of wild ideas – that’s when the magic happens.

I am also an empowering and highly skilled motivational business speaker. I have spoken at international franchising events, summits and workshops, coaching people on all levels of business development, sales, marketing and growth.

To me, the thrill of innovating, adapting and changing while in business is of the utmost importance. Don’t expect a different result with the same plan, change it up and be inspired. Take a walk somewhere you’d never bother going. Start a conversation with someone you don’t know and see where it ends up. Remember to always keep learning.
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