An unstable economy can create
business opportunities.
Our team has decades of experience in countless industries, we know how to launch businesses and ensure your startup is successful with long-term goals and have a sustainable business plan in place. Our team will work with you as you first put pen to paper, to purchasing your next investment property. Our success is in your success.

Your FAST-TRACK to creating a business

Create Your Business is a professional and passionate team of business experts who have helped hundreds of Australians to start small to medium-sized business, and scale them to a successful and profitable business.
  • Get the right advice for your business growth
  • Discover if you’re business-ready before hiring a consultant
  • Contact us for a Free Assessment
  • Create solid business systems to make your business run seamlessly
  • Receive guidance from industry experts


With more than 19 years’ experience across our team, we can advise on the viability of your business idea, through to inception and nurturing of your business. Looking to scale? We can develop and model your franchising network, if you wanted to grow the business in that direction. We have created an innovative Australian made program that takes you through the Franchising Growth Program. Perhaps franchising isn’t for you? Our team have options for scaling your business to open new sites, employee more people and grow your empire quickly and easily.
Business Experience
  • Experts on your side
  • Grow quicker than your competition
  • Quickly develop robust business systems
  • Grow your business
  • Navigate the confusing world of business ownership and franchising
  • Future-proof your business in 20 weeks
  • Unlock the financial power of your business
  • Finance available to approved purchasers

Customer Reviews

What our customers are saying...
“I started off as a house cleaner to pay my way through uni, and I started off only cleaning for friends and family. I had no idea what I was doing or if I was doing the right thing, how I should report my income, how to grow the business, or be smart with my time. I met Jai at a friends engagement party and she talked a little bit about how she helped people start businesses. I immediately added her on Facebook and over the next few weeks, Jai answered all of my questions and concerns. At no point did she push a sale on me, she was nothing but class. I realised after our chats that I needed her help. I signed up for a Create Your Business package and haven’t looked back. My business is growing at such a huge rate, that I have deferred my final year of uni to see where the business takes me. With Jai’s guidance of course!”.
Ashleigh Klease
Spotless Home Services
I met Reece randomly one day when I drove him to the airport, I was an Uber driver at the time. He told me about what he does and asked me what I was doing with my life. We spoke about my aspirations to own a music tuition business as I have 20+ years in percussion instruments. Reece gave me his card and after a few weeks of thinking about it, I decided to email him. Reece put me at ease as he took me through the process of starting my tuition business, and showed me exactly what I need to do, to ensure I am successful. I am on track to grow to 6 figures by the end of my first year in business”.
Solomon Prindaloo
Solly’s Music Tuition
I found the process of step-by-step action items so easy to comprehend and follow with Jai and Reece. It was comprehensive, and engaging and taught me so much about business that I truly had no idea about. I am super excited for what my future holds. Thanks to the team at Create Your Business.
Michael Angelfield
Mike’s Lawn Mowing & Gardening Services
We found working with Jai & Reece at Create Your Business such a breath of fresh air. We had no idea where to start when we decided to start a business and knew we needed help. Jai took us through the entire administrative process of setting up a business and ensuring that all of our legal requirements were ticked off. Reece’s method of teaching the practicalities of owning a business were outstanding. We were in awe of how engaging and enthusiastic is was to our business idea and helping us to develop it.
Sarah & Annie
S.A Home Services
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